Universal Portable Apps for Linux: Introducing Universal ORBs

We are extremely happy to announce the introduction of Universal ORB Applications for Linux

An “Universal ORB” is an Application (ORB) that works natively across the majority of modern Linux distros

Download the Apps


Natively supportedJust mark as executable and run!


Cross-distro – Most apps are compatible with most modern 64-bit Linux distros

100% unmodified – All Applications are packaged without any modifications, they are not even re-compiled

Native Look and feel – Apps adapt to the environment, using the native themes

Portable Mode – Apps behave exactly like “normal Apps” when running from the internal HDD, but automatically become “Portable Apps” when running from a USB drive, which means all settings and data used by the App will be stored on the USB drive

When running from a USB Drive, ORB Applications save settings and data to the “portable_home” folder

Next-generation mode – Just install ORB Launcher to easily run any ORB just by clicking on it, enable icons, improve Apps startup speed and increase security (checking of cryptographic signatures)

ORBs with icons, after installing ORB Launcher

Ready to go – Nothing to install – All dependencies are included and Apps run without installing them and don’t require any special software on the target computer (although we strongly recommend installing ORB Launcher to get an improved experience)

No conflict with installed Apps – ORB Apps are contained in a “virtual bubble”, so their dependencies never conflict with installed Apps

Compression – Apps are compressed at all times, which means more apps can be stored even in small USB drives

No root required – Apps don’t require root permissions

Integrity checking – Unreliable internet? Incomplete downloads? – Don’t worry, ORB Apps feature built-in integrity checking, which automatically alerts the user if an App has been damaged

Cryptographically signed – All Apps include a cryptographic digital signature built-in

Online + Offline – No internet? No problem! Apps are designed to work both online and offline

Sharing has never been easier – Every App is just one file, which can simply be copied to a USB Drive, burned to a CD or DVD, shared via “cloud drives” like Google Drive or Dropbox, etc…

Monthly releases – Every month new apps are introduced. In addition, all existing apps will be updated with new fixes and security updates.

Future-proof – Because all dependencies are included, Apps are much more resilient against distros changes or upgrades

Open and Documented format – Want to have a peek inside the ORB? Just mount the ORB/ISO and take a look

The future

The goal is to release many more Apps in the future, however we are currently running out of space on our current hosting account…
If you have hosting space you can offer us, or wish to sponsor us, feel free to contact us

You can also directly make a donation