New ORB Launcher released! (0.1.34) Now it can be installed offline

A new version of ORB Launcher (0.1.34) is now available with many improvements.

New ORB icon


Custom Icons

orb_custom_iconsThe custom icon from each .orb is now displayed on the bottom-right corner of the main icon.

Offline support

The .deb file can now be installed offline, no extra dependencies required

Improved support for ORB Apps that require root access

By default, the root user now has access to the mounted ORB.

Other changes

  • A copy of binfmt-support is now included in the .deb
  • It is now possible to call the Launcher from the command line with a new command: orb-launcher (in addition to the already-existing command: orb)
  • If the ORB Launcher is launched without any arguments, a GUI message will appear, giving the user some feedback
  • The ORB Launcher now supports the metadata “ORB_REQUIRES_ROOT” (this is subject to change). So now, if required, the ORB Launcher will try to run the .orb file as root.
  • Note: Nothing automatically runs as root: Everything must ALWAYS be approved by the user

Software repository

This new ORB Launcher has already been added to the Orbital-Apps APT repository.

In addition, the repository itself was updated and the message “The repository is insufficiently signed by key (weak digest)” no longer appears when running “sudo apt-get update


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