ORB Launcher 0.1.042 released! With a brand new installer!

We are happy to announce a new version (0.1.042) of ORB Launcher!


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New installer (ISO)

The biggest change is the new installer:
An ISO, based on ORB and Superdeb technology


The installer is designed to:

Other features

(changes since version 0.1.34)

  • [NEW] Ability to retrieve and check cryptographic signatures
  • [NEW] Damaged files are now automatically detected and given a special icons and prevented from running
  • [NEW] Trusted/Signed files are automatically marked as executable
  • [IMPROVED] ORB configuration folder is now ~/.config/orb
  • [IMPROVED] Automatically refreshes some open folders (Desktop + Downloads), so any ORB files in those locations are now ready-to-run immediately after the installation of ORB Launcher
  • [IMPROVED] Even if interrupted, the program still automatically cleans temporary files
  • [IMPROVED] Improved support for Portable Apps (some icons used by the apps themselves con now be properly found and used)
  • [FIX] Configuration file is no longer replaced after every update
  • Minor fixes / cleanup