Portable Apps for Ubuntu 16.04 now available!

We are happy to announce Portable Applications, in the ORB format, for Ubuntu 16.04.



Portable Mode – Apps automatically enter “Portable Mode” when running from a USB drive, which means all settings and data used by the App will be stored on the USB drive.

Compression – Apps are compressed at all times, which means many apps can be stored even in small USB drives

Just run – Nothing to install – Apps run without installing them and don’t require any special software on the target computer (although we strongly recommend installing ORB Launcher to get an improved experience)

No root? No problem? – No root required – Apps don’t need to be installed and they don’t require root permissions

Integrity checking – Unreliable internet? Incomplete downloads? – Don’t worry, ORB Apps feature built-in integrity checking, which automatically alerts the user if an App has been damaged.

Online + Offline – No internet? No problem! No dependencies to download or install

Open format – Want to have a peek inside the ORB? Just mount the ORB/ISO and take a look.

Download the Apps

Note: Don’t forget to download ORB Launcher for an easier and smoother experience

Compatibility: Compatible with Ubuntu 16.04 (64 bits), might work on other distros, but that is not guaranteed.