Firefox Quantum One-Click installer for Linux

Firefox Quantum

We are very proud to announce our new one-click installer for Firefox Quantum.

Download Firefox Quantum installer for Linux

Features and notes

        • To run the installer we recommend ORB Launcher (easier), or you can simply run it manually like any other executable
        • Installs side-by-side with your existing version of Firefox and does not interfere with it
        • No root permission required
        • The installer is script-based, for easier auditing
        • The installer downloads the browser directly from Mozilla, so you know it is genuine and non-modified
        • Firefox now has a built-in updater, so you will receive new updates automatically
        • Shortcuts will be placed on the Desktop and Home
        • The installer was tested on Ubuntu and Fedora and should work with most modern Linux distributions (64 bits)
        • You must close your existing version of Firefox to be able to run Firefox Quantum
        • If you get the message “One or more installed add-ons cannot be verified and have been disabled” it just means an old add-on is not compatible with the new Firefox (This happens at least in Ubuntu)
        • The browser will be installed into the folder:    ~/.apps/firefox
        • If you want to run the installer in an automated way, you can just launch the installer with the following parameter:
          Firefox_Quantum_installer_Linux.orb --auto


      The simple interface

      After the browser is installed