Official Launch! We have liftoff!

Have you ever wanted to…

* Use an email-client on your Ubuntu home PC and easily carry that same app+data to your Fedora work PC (even without root permission)?
*Configure Firefox the way you want to, with bookmarks, themes, extensions and extras, and use it at any Linux PC?
*Easily download and use Linux software, without complicated installation steps?
*Easily share Linux software with friends or customers or anyone on the internet?

Now you can!
With ORB , the “Open Runnable Bundle“, a new file format for Linux applications!

Open Runnable Bundle

We have designed a new type of file (with the .orb extension), designed for simplicity, transparency, security and speed, that serves as a container for Apps.
ORB files are really easy to run: you just need to install the ORB Launcher once
and then you just double-click any ORB file. Easy like opening any photo or mp3.
Technical details

The Apps

We also start with some high-quality ready-to-use Apps:
Firefox, Thunderbird, Chromium, Telegram and Electrum
And plan to release much more in the future!


For any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us.


How we feel right now:

Image at the top: Falcon 9 launch / SpaceX