Superdebs for Ubuntu 16.04 now available! With improved technology!

We are happy to announce the release of Superdebs, easy installers, for Ubuntu 16.04 (64 bits)

Not only have we made several improvements to the installer itself, we more than doubled the number of Superdebs to over 60 installers!


New features

Download the Superdebs

Introducing Superdebs: easy, offline-friendly installers for Ubuntu

We are very proud to announce a new type of installers: Superdebs

The simple interface of a Superdeb

What are Superdebs?

Superdebs are software installers designed to make it easier to distribute and install software on systems like Ubuntu.

A Superdeb contains everything needed to install an App, so they can be used without an internet connection.

Supported systems

We currently have Superdebs for Ubuntu 15.10 (32bits and 64bits).

What about other systems?

We are already working on Superdebs for Ubuntu 16.04 and expect to release them soon.

We are also planning to improve support for Ubuntu-based distros like KubuntuXubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, Ubuntu MATELinux Mint, etc…



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