Information for Developers

ORB executables provide an easy way to distribute Linux Applications.

Advantages for Developers

  • Compatibility: Only one file compatible with most modern Linux distros
  • Easy to distribute: Just upload the file to your website, send via email, dropbox, etc…
  • Minimalist and open format: No vendor lock-in
  • Just package: No need to recompile, modify the source code or modify your App in any way
  • Commercially-friendly: Compatible with closed-source software with any license
  • Future-proof: Because all dependencies are included (optionally), Apps are much more resilient against distros changes or upgrades

Advantages for Users


  • Natively supported on all modern distros: No runtime or other software installation is necessary to run ORB executables
  • Easy and Clickable: Users just need to double-click the file to open it, no messing with permissions or the command-line (requires the free ORB Launcher)
  • Supports beautiful high-res icons, to make your App stand-out
  • Fast startup: If you package your app as a Portable App, it will start in seconds, without needing any installation
  • Multi-distro installers: Package a DEB + RPM into the same ORB: just one file that automatically installs the appropriate package onto the users system
  • And many more!

How can I package my software as an ORB?

Use ORB Creator or contact us if you need assistence