ORB executables


ORB executables are a new type of cross-distro Linux executables, designed for simplicity and security.

Native Mode / Basic Mode

  • Run out-of-the-box on most modern Linux distros (instructions)
  • Work like native ELF executables
  • Do not require any “runtime” to be installed in order to work
  • Do not require root or any special permissions to run
  • Basic integrity checking, to make sure files are not damaged

Next-gen Mode


  • Enabled after installing ORB Launcher
  • 100% Optional: ORB executables can be opened without the Launcher
  • Clickable executables: just click and run, no need to mess with permissions
  • Faster startup of the executables
  • Enables high-resolution icons
  • Safer: Automatic checking of cryptographic signatures
  • Sandboxing of executables (upcoming)
  • Executables run from any media, including CDs, DVDs, USBs, etc…
  • Up-to-date: Regular updates fix issues and bugs and make sure everything always runs smoothly

Download Universal ORBs

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