ORB Specification

Quick overview

  • The specification for the ORB format is completely open and publicly available (see below)
  • An .orb file is, in reality, and .iso (ISO-9660) file, with contents added, and additional metadata, but still remaining a valid and standard-compliant ISO-9660 file
  • All our .orb apps are currently compressed (with squashfs), making them up to 65% smaller.
  • ORB Apps can include both an x86 (32 bits) and an x86_64 (64 bits) version inside the same container, making them ideal for roaming to different computers, with different Linux distros
  • All our current portable apps support the Portable Mode, which means if they run on a USB Drive, they will store settings data in that same drive
  • All .orb portable apps work without the ORB Launcher installed (thanks to an embedded launcher) and don’t require any root permissions ( instructions )
  • ORB Creator allows users to package any app as an .orb executable

Complete Specification

The full text of the ORB Specification version 0.0.3: