How to run an ORB executable directly

Note: We recommend installing ORB Launcher, which makes it easier to open ORB executables just with a double-click

Note: Method 1 (Using the graphical interface) is currently not working on Ubuntu 17.10 or above, so if you don’t have the ORB Launcher you must use the terminal (Method 2, see bellow)

Method 1 -Using the graphical interface

1- Right-lick the file and open “Properties”
2 – Go the the “Permissions” tab and enable “Allow executing file as program”
3- You now can just double-click the file and it should run

Using the graphical interface – summary

1 – Right-click
2 – Properties
3 – Permissions
4 – Enable “Allow executing file as program”
5 – Now the ORB is ready to be open: just double-click it

Method 2 – Using the terminal

1 – Open a terminal
2 – Drag the .orb file into the terminal window
3 – (In the terminal window) Press Enter