Superdebs – Common Questions

Some common questions related to Superdebs.

What is a Superdeb?

Superdebs are software installers designed to make it easier to distribute and install software on Debian-based systems, in particular, Ubuntu.

A Superdeb contains a program plus all required dependencies, so it works offline.

What is a Superdeb, on a technical level?

An ISO (the same type of ISO used for software/games) with some bash scripts + a collection of .deb files (the actual App that will be installed)

Do Superdebs integrate with my system, with shortcuts, icons, etc?

Yes, exactly the same as installing software from the official repositories.

VLC, after a Superdeb installation

Will Superdebs be installed via the package manager?

Yes, the actual installation is done by APT (which itself uses dpkg) just like when installing from the official repositories.

Are Superdebs safe?

Short answer: Yes

Currently (April/2016) all our Superdebs contain software from the official Ubuntu repositories, as such, installing a Superdeb is generally as safe as installing software from the Ubuntu repositories.
In addition, the installation process is done 100% by APT (which itself uses dpkg). As such, the installation process is as reliable as installing from the official repositories.

If I install a Superdeb, how will it get updated?

Because installing a Superdeb is, on a technical level, exactly as installing software from the official repositories, you can update your software exactly as before. (eg, using Update Manager )

The system updater will keep your (installed) Superdebs up-to-date

Can I re-install a Superdeb?

Yes, there is no problem whatsoever. (see answers bellow for details)

Can I install a Superdeb of an App that is already installed?

Yes, there is no problem whatsoever. (see answer bellow for details)

What happens if I try to install a Superdeb for an App that is already installed?

One of two things:

1- If the Superdeb contains the exact same version of an App, then nothing will be installed
2- If the Superdeb contains the a newer version of an installed App, then the newer version will be installed

How do I un-install a Superdeb?

We are working on an easy way to un-install a Superdeb.
Meanwhile, you can use any package manager for Debian-based systems to remove the software, including apt-get or Synaptic.

Are Superdebs intended to replace .deb files?

Not at all, Superdebs are designed to do some things that .deb installers aren’t designed to do, like offline installations of Apps with many dependencies.
In fact, Superdebs use .deb files “behind the scenes”.

Do I really need to install ORB Launcher to open a Superdeb file?

No. While it is much easier to run .orb files with the ORB Launcher installed, Superdeb installers can be executed from the terminal, like any bash script.

I have another question, where can I ask it?

You can send it to us via our contact page.